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What Did George Floyd’s Death Investigation Lead to? | Discover the Changes in the USA


A year has passed since the death of George Floyd. A year ago, the Afro-American was killed while being arrested by the police. His death provoked protests in all states of the United States, a police trial, mass layoffs, and even the destruction of monuments. And the George Floyd death investigation began.

On May 25, 2020, a policeman, named Derek Chauvin, along with his colleagues, detained Afro-American George Floyd. During his arrest, he applied strangulation to him and despite the fact that Floyd said that it was hard for him to breathe, he did not remove the knee from his neck. The man soon fainted and died. The George Floyd death protests provoked the American public, raising talk of regular racism, as well as police cruelty in the country. A huge wave of protests developed across the United States. People demanded a reduction in police funding, anti-discrimination, and justice in relation to other victims of police lawlessness.

The George Floyd death protests took place in all 50 US states. The protest movement also spread to other countries, or more precisely, the demonstrations took place in cities of 50 countries. In the US and UK, protests have also led to the demolition of statues and monuments of people associated with slavery. The protests also affected charity. The George Floyd Memorial Fund gained 1.5 million dollars. Millions of donations have also been made to other anti-racism foundations. Celebrities have also been generous with donations.
Many were also worried about what decision the court would make concerning the George Floyd death investigation. Previously, only one officer in Minnesota had been sentenced of killing a civilian in the line of duty. However, in April, a jury pronounced ex-police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of second-and third-degree manslaughter, as well as second-degree negligence that caused death to George Floyd. In addition, three other former officers were accused of helping the murder. New laws have also been passed that reduce the use of force by the police. The authorities have also regarded requests for a cut in police funding.

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