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What Do You Know About Chad Meme? Let's Talk About Origin And Meaning Of Chad Thundercock

An abstract young man named Chad Thundercock, also called Chad, in Western social media users personifies an athletic, self-confident and popular guy of the opposite sex. He became the hero of Chad Meme on social networks, and in some of the most common he was compared to the Virgin - an introverted young man with a full range of complexes and communication problems.

Chad Meme Origin

chad meme origin

In June 2017, the Virgin X and The Chad X meme, which consists of two guys - the Virgin and the Chad, began to be actively promoted on the Internet. Initially, both parts of the meme were memes in their own right. It's about the part with Chad.

It is known that back in the 90s, guys named Сhad were successful men, their age ranged from 20 to 30 years old. After the Internet spread around the world, the meaning of this term has passed from positive to negative. In 2010, it completely changed its meaning. Since that time, the very opposite image of men, which was formed in the 90s, was called Chad.

And already in 2013, the well-known to this day Urban Dictionary recorded this name as part of the Chad Thundercock meme.

Meaning of Chad Meme

What's a Chad? As I mentioned above, at the moment, Chad Thundercock is what you can call an alpha male who has success with women and a lot of sexual relations with them. He is usually stupid, but very attractive on the outside.

Chad is a jock with huge muscles. As for his clothes, it is usually a tight-fitting T-shirt with huge cutouts to show the muscles, and the hairstyle should be turned up, as it was fashionable in the 90s. His Ego is very huge, he loves the attention of women to himself and radiates sexuality.

When Chad's character became part of the Virgin and Child meme, people started comparing them. These are two very opposite images. People began not only to compare the features of these characters but to bring them to the point of absurdity, it is not clear why.

Spreading of Chad Meme

It all started back in 2013 on August 10. The popular social network Tumblr has launched the blog of Chad the Thunderbolt.

After 2 years in 2015, a user under the nickname oogahboogah, who was subscribed to the BodyBuilding forums, published a blog post by stereotypical Chad "Going on Tinder as Chad Thundercock is beyond depressing". The fact is that he saw a fake profile of Chad on the dating site Tinder and attached a couple of screenshots of the correspondence with Chad.

Next on Reddit on March 23rd, user invicticide posted a message asking how Chad became "the default name for alpha douchebros" on another ForeverAlone subreddit, which Redditor ian_n referred to on the 4chan board as the source of the meme.

Already 18 arpel YouTube channel 4chan Sound Effects uploaded the video "Chad Thundercock Shows You How to Ree". The point of the video is that off-screen, a person introduces themselves as Chad and makes a loud Ree sound.

On May 21, Redditor with the nickname JayEste sent a message to another user's subreddit, asking what the female prototype of Chad Thundercock Meme is. He was told by the user Thepaladinofchaos that it was "Stacy Thundercunt ''.


chad meme

GigaChad is a black and white meme of a muscular man. A stereotyped joke is imposed on the picture, which begins with the words: "Yes, I heard ..."

In March, a meme with a black-and-white photograph of a muscular man who tries to show off knowledge and awareness in various fields, starting with the words "Yes, I heard ...", but failing every time was widely circulated.

GigaChad is a collective image of a successful sexy man, deprived of intelligence. Jokes about Chad have been circulating on the Internet since the 2000s, and a different archetype is associated with them - the virgin and the loser.

Memodels have repeatedly found prototypes of Chad in social networks and in real life, but his ultimate version - GigaChad - was presented to people by the SLEEK'N'TEARS photo project.

Chad transformed into GigaChad in 2017 thanks to jokes on 4chan.Memes about GigaChad make fun of typical jocks with little intelligence. Now over the usual Chad Thundercock swirl. They can draw completely incorrect and paradoxical conclusions from well-known facts. The trick of the meme is the strict construction of the text that is superimposed on the picture.

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I am Chad!

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