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What Do You Need to Know About Moyai Emoji

moyai emoji

Aloha to all meme-lovers over the Net! We have gathered TOP-5 interesting facts about Moyai Emoji/meme in one article! Continue reading to know more about the history, origins, what is referred to, why there debates which of the relics it shows.

Interesting Facts About Easter Island Emoji

🗿What Is Real Moai?

Moai is one of the kinds of human figures statues featuring the culture of tribes on Easter Island. They were made from a gray stone and stylized in human heads with notable noses and brows. Among other features, oversized large heads are one of the most famous. Such a sample of rock carving was found on Easter Island (Polynesia) in 1250. These monolithic pieces of art defining how ancestors Polynesians looked like.

🗿How Moai From Easter Island Became Moyai Emoji?

Originally, the first who add "Moyai emoji" were Japanese and referred to their local gray stone statue Moyai at the Shibuya Station in Tokyo (Japan), not those from Eastern Island. But Moai relic became one of the elements of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 with the title “Moyai”. Moreover, moyai emoji featuring actually moai from Easter Island was added Emoji 1.0 in 2015 with the same name.

🗿What Does It Represent: Eastern Island vs Tokyo

It is their monument that has some similarities with moai:

  • They both are made of gray stone and featuring the ancestors;
  • Also, both statues have large heads, brows, and noses.

But, at the same time Moyai has its significant features:

  • Very full lips instead of thin moai lips;
  • Japan’s volcanic Nii-Jima Island was gifted in the 1980s so it is a younger brother of moai (1250);
  • Polynesia’s ancient carvings don't have long hair in their design as Moyai has.

As you can see, the stone head emoji has more things in common and even copying the look of moai statutes from Eastern Island. But is it important which of the relics this emoji depicts? For somebody, it is a real battlefield and one part of the community says that the world deserves to have Moyai emoji (Japan) and Moai emoji (Eastern Island) as separate things. In our opinion, the Easter Island head emoji theory deserves attention more.

🗿 When Do You Should use it?

People are using "🗿" to convey stupid, deadpan, or confused expression. Sometimes this emoji is used to represent their negative attitude to how they look (hideous, ugly). The relic's emoji can be discovered on different platforms, such as Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Apple, WhatsApp.

🗿Easter Island Head Emoji Meme: How It Became the Mainstream Meme

HuffPost used Moyai emoji meme in the article called "The Actual Meanings Behind The Most Mysterious And Pointless Emojis" on March 1st, 2014. The authors of the article have written that the actual name of relic statues of Eastern Island is "Moyai" and not a Squidward’s house or an Easter Island statue.

On August 2nd, 2014, on Twitter appeared a post made by Emojipedia’s official account on this platform, featuring the image of statues and the emoji. They gave a headline to the post "Moyai". A statue in Shibuya Tokyo, inspired by rock carvings on Easter Island". Also, the easter island head meme continued crowing because of the talented community of the Web (users of Instagram, Twitter, Reddit).

Moreover, even the world's famous Forbes took its role in making the Moyai emoji meme more popular by reporting that Fortnite gamers were looking for "Stone Heads" that look the same as the Moyai Statue on August 16th, 2018.

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