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What Does Git Gud Mean? Find Out Origin And Concept Of Forced Git Gud Meme in 4chan and Reddit

Surely many of you have met at least once on the Internet with the phrase "Git Gud" and did not understand what it means, or maybe it was addressed to you at some online game. I advise you to read what it means.

Git Gud Origin

git gud origin

Git Gud Distorted from Get Good - Get Better - a taunt directed at a player or just a person on the internet whose skills leave a lot to be desired. This phrase is often spoken as a mockery or even a desecration of a person's skills. Very often it is applied to a person who even plays well, but the other player just wanted to hurt and humiliate him.

It all started with discussions in September 2009 on the GameFAQ forums. This phrase was coined by the PlayStation 3 community in Metal Gear Online. They used it as a taunt and to tell the other player to improve their playing skills as they left a lot to be desired.

Spread of Git Gud Meme

git gud meme

Time to find out where did Git Gud come from? Urban Dictionary user PaperCupp July 10, 2008, for the first time gave the designation of the phrase "Git Gud", as garbled from the phrase "get well".

Later in 2012, this Git Gud meme started to kick up on the 4chan forum and other popular platforms where people were discussing video games at the time. Especially Dark Souls and Call of Duty players have started spreading this phrase in the communities.

On September 1, 2013, a funny picture parody of the movie Get Rich or Die was posted on 4chan. The meme was written Git Good or Die Try It, which amused the then users. Further, this image was spread on Reddit.

The Git Gud meme began to be used by gaming communities such as Team Fortress 2, Dust 514, League of Legends, and other equally popular games.

On the Internet, even at the moment in 2021, on forums such as 4chan and Reddit, memes are very often posted with the phrase "Git Gud" and are used by players of various video games, I even play popular online games myself and can still sometimes see this phrase flashing in the chat.

There is a "How to Git Gud" in Dark Souls by user The Three Eyed N'wah.

He jokingly advises to start the game, create a character and immediately be a Git Gud, but this is best taken with humor.


Do not take it personally if someone suddenly said such a phrase to you, especially if you are new to the game. Just try not to react to the abuser. This phrase rarely carries a positive meaning from a stranger in an online game, but if you are friends, then I think such communication is absolutely normal. I hope after reading this article you will no longer be bothered by the question of what does Git Gud mean? The main thing is to play and enjoy the process of the game.

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