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What Glowing Red Eyes Meme Is All About Origins and Spreading

eye glow meme

Glowing Red Eyes meme is a kind of meme where the main character of it is edited to appear glowing eyes. It looks like those eyes are full of great energy. The source of the meme refers to and represents a metaphor of many animated movies or TV shows. More precisely, people or animals with photoshopped bright eyes mimicking cartoon heroes with supernatural abilities.

Are you ready to know what is the origin and history of spreading this meme? Continue reading our short article to know all about it!

Origin Eye Glow Meme: All You Should Know About It

The origin of the meme dates back to the video-game Mass Effect 2, a sci-fi fantasy about the future, technologies, and space. One of the actions during the game is why the meme was invented: the enemy Reaper ship Harbinger causes Collector enemy crew eyes to shine yellow when they are spotting the direct control of them. The game was released on January 26th, 2010. So, this is the date of birth of the meme. 

The quote "assuming direct control" is also taken from Mass Effect 2. Lens flare eyes meme got its various edits during the next couple of months after the release of the game and started circulating online actively.

Further Spreading of Meme Laser Eyes

glowing red eyes meme

The next step of gaining its popularity was after creating a page on TV Tropes with the title "Glowing Eyes" on January 30th, 2011. The information on this webpage is about the global phenomenon of applying this eye flare meme to represent anyone's Life Energy in social media. Also, it was written that people use a meme to indicate a turned on super mode.

After it, the user of Tumblr with the nickname Maohshounen uploaded a photoshopped image of a skeleton with gleaming eyes in a rocking chair on May 13th, 2013. The title of the post is: “Ah, yes, my throne”.

The further great expansion of the Red eyes memes is referred to a headline from a newspaper where it was mentioned about Kent Brantly (a doctor from the US) and his ability to "grow stronger" following his contraction of the Ebola disease. It was submitted to 4chan on August 13th, 2014. Due to the proposition of a user, people started editing a photo of the doctor by adding glowing eyes. 

Also, the popularity of bright eye memes is closely related to Deep Fried Memes. The application of the glowing eyes to several types of parodies with the usage of a Deep-fried filter was very widespread. A great example of the popularity of the meme is its presence in various edits on the /r/dankmemes/ subreddit.

In the end, we would like to mention the existence of hundreds of video lessons on YouTube on how to make glowing eyes photoshop. People are still interested in such memes as well. Glowing Red Eyes memes are connected to various sorts of life situations over the Net.

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