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What Happened with Shia LaBeouf? Why Won't You See Him In The Hollywood Industry Anymore?

Shia LeBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is a well-known celebrity not only for his marvelous acting in blockbusters but also due to his strange behavior and attitude in public. You may also have seen various memes with Shia LaBeouf like "Just do it" and others. Once he was an A-league star and now… Who is he now? Is his star in the Hollywood sky finally falling into the abyss? Continue reading to know more about him.

In 2017 there was a traffic stop after which the actor had to pass a long-time rehabilitation of his reputation. Shia offended a police officer that stopped him because of breaking rules. It was an offense on the grounds of racial discrimination. He told a "black officer" that he will go to hell for the color of his skin. Moreover, the actor accused the police officer of arresting him for being white. Also, Shia mentioned his wife watching adult videos with “black dicks.” It took a year and a public apology to slightly recover his reputation.

The Peanut Butter Falcon, Honey Boy, and other hits helped him to win back the positive attitude of his audience. But troubles followed him by footsteps. Tahliah Barnett, his former partner, lodged a sue on sexual matters, series of assaults, and attempts to hit his dignity. During this process Shia was represented as an abuser, offender, that he beat her, infected with STD. He even was spotted in propositions to go and shoot some stray dogs in LA. Tahliah was disturbed, abused, and terrified.

Because of all of it mentioned above, an influencer Daniel Richtman stated that LaBeouf is now completely blacklisted in Hollywood. You won't see upcoming hits with him in near years, because nobody is ready to give him a second chance yet. So, you won't see any big roles from this actor for a while.

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