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What Is A Doomer Meme? Find Out The Doomer Meaning And Where It Come From

Doomer is a recently popular meme that originated on the pages of 4chan and Reddit. This is a variation of the familiar Doomer Wojak meme (Wojak in Polish means "warrior"), drawn in MS Paint. Who is Doomer? A twenty-year-old guy who suffers from depression and looks gloomily at the world around him. He is portrayed in a black cap, with three days of stubble and a permanent cigarette in his teeth. Doomer is the epitome of failure and disillusionment with life.

Doomer Meaning

Generation Y - people born between 1985 and 2004. Other names: Generation Next, Echo Boomers, Networked Generation, Millennials. The latter term is widely used in the world. The millennial generation has seen the transition from the 20th to the 21st century and the turn of the millennium.

Doomer generation (from the word doom) does not belong to the theory of generations. Most often, this is the name for millennials who suffer from depression, cannot adapt in society. They have not achieved anything in their lives, but they do not really worry about it either. In contrast to doomers, there are bloomers (from the word bloom). They are upbeat millennials who see good where there is none.

Origin of Doomer Meme

whats a doomer

Dumers are an ironic self-name for young pessimists who do not see prospects for themselves and a place in society. The gloomy and joyless dummy "does not believe in anything and does not expect anything." The word is derived from the English doom - fate, doom, doom.

Whats a doomer? Doomer is a lonely, depressed young man. He leads a joyless and meaningless existence. In the meme picture, Doomer is depicted as a sad man in a black cap, with a cigarette in his mouth.

Doomer Meme

doomer meme

Over the past couple of years, we have acquired a huge number of crudely drawn Internet characters. It all started with Boomer, who, like many other memes, appeared on the pages of 4chan. This popular meme was meant to poke fun at the idyllic looks of the millennial generation. He was then joined by Zoomer, a teenager who grew up in the YouTube and Instagram era. Another meme is Gloomer, Zumer's nihilistic cousin. Finally, Bloomer is a contented and always joyful twenty-seven-year-old optimist.

Domer’s Signs

Among the signs of a "typical doomer" usually appear: pessimism, apathy, lack of interest in work, study, life in general. Doomer is lonely, he has no wife or lover and almost no friends.

Doomer does not care about his appearance, dresses in everything dull and dark, walks with a sad doomer face. The doomer does not have any hobby or favorite pastime. In his free time, he sits aimlessly at the computer for hours, listening to sad, melancholic music.

Doomer avoids contact with other people and communication. Sometimes a doomer is visited by suicidal thoughts, but he is not ready to commit suicide, "because mom and dad will be upset."

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