What Does Gachigasm Mean | Learn About Gachigasm Emote And Origin
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What Is Gachigasm? Read About The Meaning Of Gachigasm Meme In This Article

Hope you have read the article that explains what Gachimuchi stands for and now you are ready to learn about Gachigasm. Let's first find out the meaning of this word, where this meme came from, and who started to force it on the Internet.

Meaning of Gachigasm

gachigasm meme

So, let's find out what Gachigasm means.

Gachigasm is about getting pleasure from watching videos in the style of Gachimuchi, an eighteen-plus movie when two men (usually of the European and Asian races) are engaged in a fighting game (beat each other) for a lousy occasion, and then they are imbued with the insanity of this action and begin to poke each other with their leather daggers.

This term consists of two words, "gachi" (a reference to gay porno) and "gasm" (the end of the word "orgasm").

Gachigasm emote is a bizarre emoji with the face of the pro-actor Billy Harrington that is used on Twitch and other popular social networks.

Gachigasm Origin

gachigasm origin

According to a comment posted on / r / forsen by Reddit user sc2pal on December 3, 2015, the Gachigasm meme appeared after wrestling with Billy Herrington, and his partner was replayed on social music plug dj website, which subsequently adapted Twitch streamer named Sebastian "Forsen" Force.

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Spread of Gachigasm Emote

On October 13, 2015, a Forsen video was uploaded to YouTube's GamesPlace channel showing someone playing a Hearthstone game. This video is called "Forsen - gachiGASM", in which viewers wrote the word "gachiGASM" in the chat window.

On October 7, 2016, a Reddit user with the nickname GreySM sent a message "How to make Billy Herrington Gachigasm a global BTTV emoji?" in / r / forsen.

On October 20, YouTuber Camouflaged unveiled several songs in a playlist called "GachiBASS Radio", which depicts an animated image of the emotion of famous porn actor Billy Herrington.

On October 26, 2016, Reddit user LazyDoggie1337 posted a post titled "gachiBASS deleted from bttv" in / r / forsen.

On May 15, gachiGASM was added to the FrankFaceZ Twitch chat extension for everyone to see.

On April 9, 2017, YouTuber TOP KEK uploaded a mashup song called "Fast gachi - mashup gachiBASS Clap". After reading this article, you learned what is gachigasm from and now you can probably tell your friends and acquaintances about it at the opportunity, or if someone mentions Billy Herrington. However, about such "kinks", it would be better to remain silent, and not pretend to be a smart guy, otherwise, people will misunderstand your interest in this area.

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