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What Okay Boomer Meme Means and Who Is Using This Phrase Every Day? Find Out Here!

Nowadays, on the Internet, you can find a huge number of different memes, which are sometimes not understandable to an ordinary user or to someone who just missed this meme. Now we will try to figure out what an ok boomer meme means.

What happened?

The phrase ok boomer began to be abruptly used by users in social networks and people on the Internet have been joking about “ok boomer” for a week. In short, this okay boomer meme is about a generational conflict: adults instruct, young people, laugh it off.

What does "boomer" mean?

ok boomer meme

Boomers in American sociology were people born in 1945-1961, that is, during the post-war baby boom, hence the baby boomer or simply boomer. These people are now at least under 60.

Millennials and Buzzers (Gen Z) were born between 1985 and 1995 and after 1995. That is, boomers for them are grandparents. Young people today have expanded the meaning of the word "boomer" to anyone over 30 who teaches and generalizes. This ok boomer meme explained as: "Okay, just don’t worry, it’s bad for you. It's useless to argue anyway unless you roll your eyes. "

Who is using this phrase?

It is mainly used by people under 30. For example, in the New Zealand Parliament, a 25-year-old girl named Chloe Swarbrick said “ok boomer” when one of the MPs made a comment about her age. After that, she calmly and calmly continued to read her speech on climate change.

Chloe said a lot about ok boomer origin. She noted that, in fact, millennials themselves have endured ridicule about themselves both from the Internet and from boomers.

Also, when you ask your child to do homework for a lesson, he can answer "Ok boomer". Don't be surprised, this is just a boomer meme.

What is the ok boomer meme?

What is the ok boomer meme

One of the first mentions of this meme happened a long time ago on the 4chan forum. Then anonymous forum users used this phrase to humiliate each other. We can even say that this period was of ok boomer meme origin. The phrase “okay boomer” also appeared on Twitter in April 2018. Only then did she not become popular.

Later, this phrase was revived in the popular social network TikTok and continued to also negatively interpret and angrily express its attitude towards the generation of boomers and their teachings. How exactly did the phrase regain popularity? On the social network TikTok, one girl recorded a video response to a man of the boomer generation. On it, the girl listens to his moralizing speech, and then writes the text on paper "ok, boomer" and shows it to the camera. As often happens, the short video became a reason for jokes.

After that, the Internet could not be stopped - at first, the meme existed on TikTok under the hash #OkBoomer, and then went on walking. The boomers themselves were terribly offended by all this and called the joke ageism (age - age, ageism - age discrimination).

Generation of young activists

This phrase goes far beyond a simple meme. This led not only to violent debates and conversations with aggression and confrontation between generations of boomers and buzzers, but also between people living within these two generations. University of Michigan student Avon Yao notes in his speech that this situation with the ok boomer meme can help us with the views of generations on politics. Yao is also the former head of the student political organization WeListen, which seeks to bridge the political divide.

Many Gen Z people believe that this dismissive and terrible attitude towards Ok Boomer was developed and created by goals. Journalist Taylor Lorenz published an article in the New York Times and wrote in it: "OK Boomer" became the endlessly repeated Gen Z answer to the problem of older people who just don't understand it, a rallying cry for millions of fed up".


We can summarize the fact that the struggle between generations of boomers and millennials exists and is gaining momentum, especially this is fueled by memes, videos and caustic statements in social networks about the younger generation to the old. Let's not forget that it is necessary to treat each other with respect, to understand that all people are different and everyone has different opinions. Only through mutual respect and acceptance will we be able to communicate comfortably, without oppressing and leaving each other, especially in such difficult situations at the moment, like a pandemic.

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