Serious Cat Meme: Origins And Spreading Of The Meme About Serious Threads
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What Should You Know About the Serious Cat Origins and Spreading Over the Net

serious cat

Look in the eyes of this cat… He is a completely serious cat and this is a serious threat because you can’t just skip it. This meme is too good! You know it, love it, and watch it! Our new article is gonna make you laugh and we are serious! Continue reading to read about the origins and spreading of the meme!

What Do You Know About the Serious Cat?

Serious Cat is a famous picture highlighting a photo of a white cat …looking so serious. The picture is generally followed by the following title: "I Are Serious Cat. This is a Serious Thread".

Origins of Serious Cat Meme

The original photo of the cat was published at the beginning of 2005 on a Korean lulz community Humor University. It was attached with a photo of a celebrity singer Jae Young.

Spontaneously delighted by the cat's seriousness and celebrity similarity, Humor University netizens called it Jae-Young Cat and expanded the picture across the Korean network. The meme has appeared on Today Humor, DCInside, RuliWeb.

A few months later, Jae Young Cat and one of its secondary images were highlighted as the most popular images for blogs on

How the Serious Cat Face Conquered the World?

serious cat meme

However, we still don't know the exact picture of how the Serious Cat meme went over the Net. We know only pieces of this map. For example, in August 2006 the meme appeared on YTMND and 4chan. Its emergence produced a line of image macros and derivatives that in total called the Serious Cat. Also, it gained huge popularity across blogs dedicated to cats and memes about them.

The LOLcat meme became popular on Facebook, ICHC, Digg in the same year. Additionally, there is an official website called It was launched a year later, on November 5th, 2007.

Why the Serious Cat Serious?

It is one of the most exciting secrets of the Universe. Somebody thinks that it was born with such a serious expression. Like the Joker that always laughs, Serious Cat is always serious. Others believe that his owner (silly ones, cats don’t have owners) made him look so serious or sad by making unfunny jokes (the same as you do).

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