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What Should You Know About Thurston Waffles Memes?

thurston waffles

Thurston Waffles is a meme and real white cat remembered for a notable and loud-mouthed meow. Videos of Thurston have been the target of numerous remixes and edits.

White Cat Meowing Meme Origin

Originally, the first video with this hilarious white cat was uploaded on Vine on December 4th, 2013. The heading of the Vine video is the following: "Derp. This is #Thurston in his "Prone Swan" #yoga pose."

The Road of Success

The Thurston cat meme kept going more and more popular. Today it is not a single meme with hundreds of remixes but hundreds of memes with thousands of variations!

The first post on Instagram appeared on October 27, 2016. The first picture has the following text added to the post: "I thought for my first Instagram post I should do a sexy throwback to Veronica Lake". The post gained over 60 comments, thousands of likes. You can visit it's an Instagram page - @thurstonwaffles.

Moreover, the official Instagram highlighted a video of Thurston annoyingly meowing on June 12th, 2019. The post gained 24k likes and 82k views in total for 6 months. On October 10th, 2019 (4 months later), the user of Instagram with the nickname @vw.mp4 uploaded an edited version of the video on his page. In less than 1 month the post gained over 10k likes and 32k views.

Finally, the recent wave of popularity of the screaming white cat meme happened when the user of Facebook, KucingMenangid, made a publication with an uploaded remix video of the Woman Yelling At Cat meme that had been edited with Thurston (instead of Smudge). The video gained over 25k shares, 727k views, 3,5k comments, and 12k reactions for less than 7 days.

How Thurston Waffles Became a Brand?

thurston cat

You know many memes are created by unknown heroes and that’s why such funny pranks mostly don't have a continuation from the original creator. The train of hype won't be able to take a meme for a long road. On the other side, there are such creators as the owner of the Thurston cat. They are using the trend of the one pic to gain even more popularity for their accounts or even brands. So, why can we call Thurston Waffles a brand? 

Firstly, the cat has at least three official accounts on social media. As we mentioned before, there is an Instagram page called @thurstonwaffles. It has more than 376 000 followers, over 600 posts and every picture of the cat gets thousands of likes, reports, and comments. The account is very attractive for commercial proposals. Also, the cat has accounts on Vine, Twitter, and YouTube.

Secondly, the owner of a cat continues to make new posts, uploads them regularly. Logically to figure it out, the screaming white cat meme has found its followers and is still growing and spreading over the Net.

Thirdly, there is the shop with merchandise of Thurston waffles meme on RedBubble. Fans of the cat and memes about him can support the creator by purchasing the merch with it.

Thank you for reading our article! We have lots of cool story bobs about memes! Try to read all posts about the most viral memes on the Internet! We recommend you to read about Woman Yelling At Cat meme and Crying Cat meme right now.

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