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What's new about Disneyland's upcoming reopening in April?


Disneyland park is going to reopen on April 30th. The park will significantly differ from what it was before the pandemic situation. For example, there will be less entertainment such as parades and fireworks.

According to some information, the parks will open at 15 percent occupancy and only residents of California can visit them. This has the advantage: smaller crowds of people will provide you a better impression, and the limited capacity of stores will finally give people a free place to buy goods without the crowds. By the way, in 2019, Disneyland parks had around 51,000 visitors per day. But now at 15 percent of occupancy, the parks can have under 20,000 people per day. "The happiness and magic moments will soon return to the visitors of Disneyland on April 30, 2021, but with limited capacity"- said Disney on March 17.

This 15% of guests need to book a place at Disneyland Park for the specific day they want to visit. And the rides will have a distance between the participants with plastic barriers installed between the rows.

But with such a meaningful decrease in capacity, queues will certainly be the shortest park visitors have ever seen.

Meanwhile, Disney is focusing on ordering from the mobile phone and contactless payments that can be done through the Disneyland smartphone application. Disneyland has also confirmed that restaurants with outdoor places will function as well. However, it hasn't been announced yet when tickets for its opening will be available.

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