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When Is Lorde’s New Album Being Released? | Discover the Latest News about the Singer


After the unexpected news about the singer's appearance at the Primavera Sound Festival 2022 event appeared in the media, fans think that Lorde's new album 2021 may arrive soon.

Three years have passed since the artist from Auckland released her Melodrama which was GRAMMY-nominated. However, in 2020, the singer shared that she worked with Melodrama producer Jack Antonoff before the pandemic period happened. And she added that it will take longer than was expected. That’s why gossips about Lorde’s new album began to spread. Read also: The Players of the 2021 PGA Championship Had to Stop a Match Because of an Alligator Walk.

While little is known about the upcoming album, Lord said the idea for the title came from a trip to Antarctica in 2019. So, the main question when is Lorde's new album being released?
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