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For the First Time in 13 Years, the Bidens Brought a Cat to the White House

willow the cat

Joe Biden together with Jill Biden brought a cat to the White House. The last time the cat lived in the residence was during the presidency of George W. Bush in 2009.

The animal's name is Willow. The first lady of the United States named her after the town that is located in Pennsylvania, where the first lady grew up.

The pet is two years old. The gray short-haired beauty has green eyes. The woman first saw Willow during her husband's 2020 presidential campaign. She was speaking to the voters when a kitten jumped onto the stage and interrupted her speech. The owner of the farm then realized that the cat must belong to Jill. After Biden became president, Jill promised that she would take the cat to the White House. Willow posted the pictures of the cat on her Instagram account.

The cat is getting used to its new home. She looks out the window, plays with a ball, walks around the residence, and sniffs everything.

The presidential couple also has a German Shepherd puppy, which was given to him by his brother James for his birthday. Previously, the Bidens had two more shepherd dogs.

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