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What Is So Controversial and Defiant GG Allin Documentary?

GG Allin Documentary

Who is GG Allin? His concerts could only be attended by true fans or people with strong nerves. GG could perform on stage without clothes. He tried to smash the bottle on his head, insert a microphone into the anus, or "relieve himself" on stage. Another singer's trick is masturbation right during the performance.

During his long creative career, GG was detained by the police 52 times. The rocker spent more than three years behind bars. Allin himself said that he had been on stage since the age of 18. He tried to become a "thunderstorm" of rock, and it seems that he succeeded 100%.

If you are interested in learning more about his personality, we invite you to plunge into the history of his life in our article.

To understand what the work of G-G Allin is about, it is enough to listen to the tracks:

  • I'm Gonna Rape You;
  • Expose Yourself to Kids;
  • Bite It You Scum;
  • Outlaw Scumfuc;
  • Gypsy Motherfucker;
  • Suck My Ass It Smells;
  • Die When You Die;
  • Young Little Meat.

Or even watch the GG Allin documentary. Allin's compositions encouraged pedophilia, racism, and homosexuality. Not all music lovers liked GG's themes. The rocker had plenty of fans.

Childhood and Adolescence of Jesus Christ Allin

Who is GG Allin? Jesus Christ Allin (it is GG Allin real name) was born on August 29, 1956 in Lancaster. Such a sonorous name was given to his son by the father of Myurl Allin. The head of the family said that Jesus appeared and said that Jishes would become the messiah.

But for the nickname, "Gee-Gee" one should thank the younger brother. He could not pronounce the name Jees and spoke Jeje instead. The head of the family was a religious hermit fanatic. His behavior reached the point of insanity.

Once, my father dug graves for family members in the basement and said that he would kill them first. And then he himself will die. The GG Allin parents lived in an old house with no electricity. After night fell, it was forbidden to speak in the house. Disobedience was severely punished.

GG was only 6 years old and young GG Allin learned that his parents were divorced. What do we know about GG Allin high school? When the boy was attending high school, his mother officially changed his name to Kevin Michael Allin so that his peers would not laugh at him.

GG didn't study very well. The specific upbringing made itself felt - he did not know how to communicate with teachers and classmates. As a result, Allin was transferred to special classes for children lagging behind.

In the 10th grade, GG began to try on women's outfits. The New York Dolls pushed him to this step. Allin and her brother succumbed to bad influences - they smoked weed, drank alcohol, and dropped out of school.

Soon GG plunged headlong into the underworld. The guy stole cars, stole, even sold drugs. His environment was not like an intelligent society. The whole story can be seen in the GG Allin movie.

The Beginning of the Creative Career of GG Allin

Creative Career of GG Allin

GG loved music as a teenager. Together with his brother, he loved to listen to country and rock and roll. He really liked: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, Monkees and The Kinks.

Soon, Allin and his brother tried their hand at teams: Little Sister's Date (performed tracks by Aerosmith, Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper) and Malpractice (compositions by Ramones and Iggy Pop).

A little later, aspiring musicians hastened to leave New Hampshire. Actually, then they recorded three tracks. We are talking about compositions: Beat Beat Beat, One Man Army and Bored To Death.

The guys recorded these songs in the basement of their house in Vermont. The compositions were included in the single The Jabbers and the album Always Was, Is, And Always Shall Be.

In the late 1970s, Brother Myrle and GG separated for a while. Moeurl left for Boston, and GG moved to Manchester. There he created his own musical group, The Jabbers.

In 1980, GG Allin, together with Jabbers on Orange Records, recorded their debut album, which was already mentioned above. In the early stages of his creative career, GG worked in styles such as hardcore punk and power pop. The lyrics were filled with misogyny.

A year later, GG presented the powerful track Gimme Some Head (featuring Motor City Badboys). Public Animal # 1 and No Rules were recorded on Orange Records in 1982 and 1983. The Jabbers disbanded exactly one year after the release of No Rules. The musicians could no longer tolerate Allin's antics.

G-G had no choice but to move to Boston. He joined his brother and became part of the Cedar Street Sluts. He soon created another group, Scumfucs.

Founding of GG Allin Own Label

In the same year, GG became the owner of his own label, Blood Records. He later released the one of GG Allin albums Eat My Fuc on the label. Other companies refused the musician to record the disc due to censorship. Therefore, he had no choice but to work for himself.

Following the release of the aforementioned album, the musician recorded mini-records.

The following years hardened GG Allin's behavior on stage. The musician behaved simply immoral, which is why most of the country's clubs banned him from performing. In 1986, Allin "relieved himself" on stage. The audience was shocked, and the next day an article was even published about this case.

Personal Life of GG Allin

Personal Life of GG Allin

Allin got married in 1978. The wife of a celebrity was a girl named Sandy. This marriage soon fell apart. Sandy announced that she could no longer tolerate her husband's antics. She filed for divorce.

GG was then spotted in a relationship with a 13-year-old girl. In mid-1980, GG Allin’s daughter Niko was born from a relationship with GG Allin girlfriend Tracy Deeneault.

At the time of Allin's death, his girlfriend was Lisa Mankowski. The girl was only 17 years old.

Most consider GG to be misogynists. One day replied one of GG Allin quotes:

“I don't like it when they tell me that I am a misogynist. I do not hate all the fairer sex, I hate certain ... ".

Interesting Facts about GG Allin

Almost every GG performance ended with the arrival of the police.

The singer's hobby is American serial killers. He even personally visited the maniac John Wayne Gacy in prison.

GG Allin is called society's # 1 cancer one. All the fault is immoral behavior. GG was found to have a certain kind of psychopathy, but no more severe mental disorders like schizophrenia were found.

The singer was buried in shorts and a leather jacket. On the underwear was the inscription: "Eat me."

Death of GG Allin

Death of GG Allin

The singer's body was found in the apartment of friends. Shortly before his death, JJ Allin performed at a small venue called Gas Station.

After the concert, Allin walked around New York in his usual form - naked with GG Allin tattoos, in blood and his own excrement. He was accompanied by a crowd of angry fans.

How did GG Allin die? When the singer came home, he habitually took a good dose of heroin. Actually, a drug overdose caused the death of a celebrity.

GG Allin's friends did not immediately realize that their friend was dead. On the eve of his death, he organized a party. People took pictures with a lying star, not knowing that he was already dead. Only the next day, the homeowners suspected something was wrong and called an ambulance. Unfortunately, it was too late.

The GG Allin funeral was in the usual atmosphere for GG Allin. Friends did not want this day to be mourning. The singer lay in a coffin half-naked in a leather biker jacket with a microphone in his hand and a bottle of Jim Beam whiskey. Rocker was buried on July 3 in the town of Littleton.

Every anniversary of GG's death, his grave was vandalized by fans. Everyone who wanted to "relieve themselves" right at the grave, brought the corpses of animals and burned small US flags. A local priest offered to exhume the celebrity's corpse and bury it elsewhere. Information about the repeated burial place of GG Allin is unknown.

We want to emphasize that we do not encourage or admire this person in many characteristics, and we want to emphasize that this article is for informational purposes only. And yet, people are different and this must be tolerated.

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