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Why are ripped jeans criticized in India?

ripped jeans

Recently, jeans have become a discussed topic in India, where young people who wear ripped jeans are constantly accused of degradation.

The latest case is related to Tirath Singh Rawat who is the leading minister of the state of Uttarakhand. He stated that all that worries young people now is ripped jeans. And performing at one of the seminars, he criticized a woman he met on his way to the airport. The woman was walking with two babies and was wearing jeans ripped on her knees. He asked, "What values ​​will you teach children if you allow yourself to dress like that?". In addition, he called ripped jeans clothing that is a symptom of moral promiscuity and criticizes parents who let their children, particularly girls, wear them.

These comments caused a wave of widespread blame across the country. The opposition Congress party announced a statement asking him to "apologize to all Indian women" or resign.

His words also led to a storm in Twitter where thousands of Indian women and even some men posted photos where they are wearing ripped jeans. Some advised him to worry about more important things, such as "economic problems" and "women's safety." On Friday, Mr Rawat said he was sorry if his comments offended anyone. He added that it was not his intention to disrespect anyone, and everyone can wear whatever they choose.

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