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Why Did Unwritten Song by Natasha Bedingfield Turn into Memes and TikTok Trend?

Natasha Bedingfield

When Natasha Bedingfield allowed MTV to use her song Unwritten for The Hills series in the early 2000s, then she had no idea that it would later become memes popular on social media, series of TikToks, and a classic that would continue to introduce her to new generations.

Bedingfield says it proves once again that songwriting is a truly magical process- creating something out of nothing. While sitting alone in the room and working, she wrote a song that has now become a cult.

And now, when the years after the song first appeared in the UK in 2004 have passed, it has turned into memes and other viral trends that have breathed new life into the song.

Earlier this year, young people added new colors to the song. They used the hit to create viral TikToks dancing to Unwritten song. These videos quickly spread across the Internet and encouraged other users of the application to join the flash mob.

Staying in quarantine isolation, people had a lot of free time and tried to search for some ways to survive. And when they heard Unwritten hit they really liked it and started to film and share videos. Now TikTok application is a way for some kids to communicate. Using Zoom all day for studying, TikTok relieves them in an interactive way.

Bedingfield also joined the trend and registered in the application. The star started posting videos in February, and when she found out about people using her music, she began sharing duets and repeating the dances.

People were constantly saying "There is so much joy in your song, you need to enjoy and participate in it". The singer loves to see what the users are doing and how they interpret it. The point that young and progressive people are still discovering this song, proves once again that inspirational lyrics connect people, no matter how old they are.

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