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Why Does the Baby Photographed for Nevermind Cover Sue Nirvana 30 Years Later?

Nirvana Cover Sues the Band for Distributing Child Pornography

The man, who was pictured on Nirvana's album cover as a baby, has decided to demand moral compensation from the band. According to Spencer Eldon, all the years of growing up he experienced stress because of the image of his genitals. In addition, this negatively affected his life, and as a result, the American had to seek help from doctors. However, the Los Angeles resident recreated the picture in the pool several times on the occasion of Nirvana's album's 10, 17, 20, and 25 anniversaries. He even got a tattoo on his chest with the name of the album.

But in 2016, in a number of interviews, he said that he was tired of being a cover celebrity. He also claimed that he had previously tried to contact the members of Nirvana to get the cover owed, but received no response.

So, 30 years after the Nevermind cover arrived, Eldon filed a lawsuit against various defendants, including the late Kurt Cobain's heirs, as well as the cover photographer, and the band's former members. According to the documents, the lawsuit is being filed in the Central District Court of California. And now the man featured on the cover is seeking at least 150 thousand dollars in damages from each person involved in the case.

The album cover of Nevermind is considered one of the most recognizable ones which has been copied and parodied many times. It was released in September 1991 but still remains one of the best-selling music albums in pop culture history. For shooting the cover, photographer Kirk Weddle invited his friends, the Eldens, together with their baby. Spencer was four months old then. For participation in the filming, they received 200 dollars.

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