Jada Smith Shaved Her Head and Still Looks Incredible: She Was Inspired by Her Daughter
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Will Smith’s Wife Got Rid of All Her Hair. Jada and Willow Smith Shaved Their Heads

jada smith shaved her head

Will Smith's wife, Jada Smith, shaved her head ahead of her 50th birthday and surprised fans. The post where she debuted with a new hairstyle appeared on her Instagram account. Fans appreciated the change in the appearance of the celebrity and began to write compliments in the comments.

In the photo, the actress is captured with her 20-year-old daughter Willow Smith who earlier in July shaved her head and starred for Vogue. Pinkett-Smith's decision to have a haircut was made after the woman suffered hair loss problems. In 2018, she admitted that she had been experiencing baldness for several years and turned to many specialists who could not establish the cause of the problem. That's why the star always preferred short haircuts, and now she decided to completely get rid of her hair.

Earlier, Jada shared that she suffered from alcohol addiction and took drugs for many years. Awareness of the problem came to her after she fainted on the set after taking ecstasy.

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