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Woman Yelling at Cat Meme: Origins And Spreading

woman yelling at cat meme

You are here because you want to know the story of the origins of the most widespread and approved memes of recent years, am I right?! Woman Yelling at a Cat will make you smile and laugh! Continue reading to know the origins and the road of becoming a popular crying woman & cat meme.

What Do You Need to Know About the Meme?

It leads to a meme picture (screenshot+photoshop) taken from one of the episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where there are three main characters: Smudge the Cat, Kyle Richards, and Taylor Armstrong. Of course, we can't avoid the fourth thing of the Crying Woman Cat meme - the dinner table! The image got a notable reputation all over the Net in June 2019.

Woman Yelling at Cat Meme: How It Became Popular?

yelling at cat meme


If to be more precise, this screenshot was taken from episode 14 of the second season with the title "Malibu Beach Party From Hell". The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a super popular TV show originally broadcasting in the United States. Woman Yelling at Cat meme origin has a far road before it becomes a trendy prank. The main reason for its existence is the boomed raw between heroines of the show.

The main thing happened when Taylor Armstrong began a touch fight with another member of the casting crew, Camille Grammer. Her friend, Kyle Richards (the second woman in the picture) attempted to calm her down.

Why was Taylor so angry at her? The situation occurred when she told her girls about her new husband supposedly abusing her. Camille was then photographed chatting with other cast members about it, which caused Taylor to be troubled about what her current man could imagine.

On December 6th, Daily Mail wrote about the issues of the episode, adding the picture of Armstrong crying and pointing and crying Richards holding her.

The second element of the Woman Yelling at Cat meme appeared on Tumblr on June 19th, 2018. One of the users of the platform, deadbefordeath, made a post with a photo of a white cat. The cat had a perplexed expression. The photographer pictured a cat while it was sitting on a stool in front of a plate with vegetables in it. The original title was "he no like vegetals." The post reached more than 50 300 likes in 1 year.

Due to the hype of the picture the owner made a separate account on Instagram for the cat. The cat's account is called @smudge_lord. That's how the world discovered its name (Smudge).

Who Made a Woman And Cat Meme?

Interestingly, the original place of birth of the Lady Yelling at Cat meme is Twitter! It happened on May 2nd, 2019. The creator of the first known meme is @lc28__ made. The tweet gained 180 likes and 20 retweets. By the way, Taylor Armstrong is using Twitter actively, loves to share memes about her.

On Reddit, the meme appeared a month later. The user PerpetualWinter is the first creator of an object-labeling edited version of the meme. His modification gained 310 upvotes in less than a month. On June 9th Redditor Apple-Trump loaded his format on Reddit, earning more than 38,600 upvotes in 12 days.

Later, on October 13th, 2019, a remix video dedicated to Lady Yelling at Cat meme appeared on Facebook due to KucingMenangid. The video gained over 727k views, 12k reactions, and more than 25r shares with 3,5k comments.

Variations of Meme

Dear readers, we made the best collection of memes about one of the most famous memes about cats ever made.

Why Are Taylor Armstrong Memes Popular?

lady yelling at cat meme
  • Taylor Armstrong is a popular and famous celebrity in the United States and over the world;
  • The was taken from the well-known TV shows broadcasting for a long time with good rating;
  • Most of the jokes about cats are doomed to be successful;
  • It is easy to make an edition, modification, or a new format for such kind of memes;
  • Two photos look like that they were made at the same place (they are natural);
  • The situation when a cat sits at the dinner table with salat is hilarious;
  • The faces of the woman and cat are funny when they are used in one format.

Don’t Point On Me! It Is Not the End!

Thank you all so much for reading this article to the end! We hope you enjoyed and laughed. Remember that everything in this life is viral! Stay positive and have some time to laugh and smile. Wash your hands and stay toasty!

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