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Viral Yaranaika Meme: Satisfied Face Of A Yaoi Manga Character

yaranaika meme

Yaranaika? (Shall we do it?) is the common name for a group of exploitable memes from the bar manga Kuso Miso Technique that spawned them. Yaoi manga gave the Internet the highly viral Yaranaika meme, which has also become the basis for some incredible cosplays and video parodies. After we have dealt with the Yaranaika meaning, we’ll rather move on to the origin of the meme.

Yaranaika Face Origin

We think many of you have seen Yaranaika faces from this meme, but do not know where it came from. This is a popular internet meme that was taken from a manga. Released in 1987, the manga hit the Japanese Internet in 2003 through the BBS Ayashii World, from where it was leaked to Futaba and Nichannera. In five years, popularity has grown so much that Kuso Miso has appeared in various manga tops. Many details of the manga have acquired the status of memes.

In one of Masaki's scenes, a college student is walking through the park, but later he catches eye contact with Ave, who is sitting on a bench. Seeing him, Masaki thinks “What a hot guy” while Ape quickly unzips his jumpsuit. He shows his genitals and asks “Shall we do it?” and makes a meaningful expression.

First published by Yaranaika original manga in 1987, the Kuso Miso Technique appeared in issue 2 of the Japanese yaoi magazine Barakombi. A few years later in 2002, scanned images began to circulate through the online imageboard, and by popular demand, a full-length version was uploaded to the Futaba channel in 2003.

We also want to add that the creator of 4Chan was inspired by the Futaba Channel and some internet users sometimes refer to this channel as 2Chan because of the website address.

The manga has since evolved into a full-blown Internet Yaranaika face meme on sites such as 2 channel and NNT, using the faces of the characters in the scene and repurposing the art. In the 2000s, video parodies of this scene spread on YouTube. For example, on September 15, 2007, a YouTube user posted a video on his channel that parodies a scene from the Kuso Miso manga with only female characters. In less than 14 years, the video has received over 500,000 views.

Meme Spread

yaranaika face meme
yaranaika face meme

On April 22, 2008, YouTuber Marcia Lizana posted an animated version of the scene, which also gained over 500,000 views in less than 13 years.

Throughout this period, users also used the faces of manga characters in various variations of images that alluded to sexual content. For example, on April 26, 2008, user Deviant Art shared an image of the number 34, a well-known rule that depicts familiar faces.

Distorted in sexual ecstasy, the faces of the main characters are photoshopped to all famous personalities and even to inanimate objects! The results were obtained in 99.8% of cases related to rule 34.

Selection of the Memes

yaranaika original

Artists have already drawn and continue to draw many Yaranaika original parodies of the first pages of the manga. A separate article is a parody of the panel with Abe unbuttoning overalls.

yaranaika faces

Sailor Moon suddenly became one of the heroes of the yaoi manga. Unexpected, isn't it? And what else would you expect from the creators of Internet memes? Although she does not look as cute as she used to, now she can fit into the plot of the manga.

yaranaika meaning

Cosplay: Most often they cosplay the same scene from the Yaranaika anime with a half-open blue jumpsuit. If there are TWO overalls, the possibilities of cosplay are limited only by the framework of morality and current legislation. The presence of a printer and hi-res pictures with the faces of the main characters is welcome.

yaranaika face origin

You all know who Finn is from the animated series Adventure Time. So, how do you like this Yaranaika face funny meme from the manga? It looks very funny and such a picture can be used in any situation where you need to express bewilderment from what is happening.

The authors of the blog tried to fully tell what does Yaranaika mean and the history of the origin, as well as the spread of the meme so that you do not have any questions. This template can be used not only for yaoi-themed jokes but also simply to recreate various life situations and make fun of them. The two manga guys are great for making funny memes and uploading them to social media.

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