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Yellow Glasses Meme: A Selection Of Viral Images Of A Laughing Guy With Glasses

Yellow Glasses meme is about a guy in yellow glasses who smiles and holds on to his right arm. Often this image is used in conjunction with another meme – with a dark-skinned crying guy who smokes weed with a sad expression on his face.

yellow glasses meme

Meme Origin

The photo shows musician Muyi Fre$co. On September 1, 2018, he tweeted a joke: “When you ask her what she's doing tonight and she says you.” To the text, he attached a picture of himself in yellow sunglasses.

yellow glasses guy memes

The next day, actress Asia Jackson used the Man With Sunglasses meme to joke about Nike. Her tweet got over 120,000 likes. Since then, the picture with the guy in the yellow glasses has gone viral.

yellow sunglasses meme

The Muyi Fre$co meme circulated primarily on Twitter. It was used as a reaction to various jokes.

In November, Reddit users combined the macro with another well-known crying black man meme. In this format, the Guy With Yellow Glasses meme existed for a while but was soon forgotten.

guy with yellow glasses meme

There is also a female version of the meme. Muyi Fre$co cosplay was done by Twitter user @ew_lookaturface. Her photo can still be found in Yellow Glasses Guy memes.

gold glasses meme

In August 2019, a meme with a guy in yellow glasses began to gain popularity again. Two photographs with polar emotions symbolized the same person in different periods of life

guy with yellow glasses meme

The Dude With Sunglasses meme has become super popular. Users used it to show how a person reacts to events in childhood and as an adult.

yellow glasses guy meme

Meme Meaning

Yellow Sunglasses meme is used as a reaction to something vulgar, funny, or intriguing. The facial expression of a black character demonstrates a mysterious innuendo or a desire to do dirty tricks.

guy with yellow glasses meme

In conjunction with a crying black man, this Yellow Sunglasses Guy meme shows how one person reacts to an event at different periods of his life. Sometimes two identical pictures are used to show that the attitude towards the event has not changed over time.

glasses guy meme

A selection of Memes

It’s great when people don’t get hung up on the size of any part of the body and don’t pay attention to what kind of breasts a girl has. All breast sizes are perfect and the girls are incredibly beautiful with any figure.

yellow glasses guy meme template

Write a risky message and get a response of the same nature – that's what it means to find your soulmate! After all, this does not happen often in life, and finding your man is very difficult in today's realities.

man with sunglasses meme

In general, it’s better not to set such strict limits during dating as in the Glasses Guy meme, because a short guy can turn out to be a very charismatic, kind, and decent person! Even if you don't get romantic relationships because of your height, you can be friends.

dude with sunglasses meme

The most fun thing is to play Minecraft together. This is a very cool sandbox where you can build your castle, make a pet farm, get a dog and explore the limitless world. And all this can be done with friends like in this Gold Glasses meme!

yellow sunglasses guy

Professors and students are always very happy when they have to cancel classes. There is an opinion that teachers and professors always want to teach classes, but they are also people and can get tired. Therefore, they do not always want to conduct classes.

yellow sunglasses meme

And just try to say that TikTok has not become a part of our lives and takes almost all of our free time. If a person has a free minute, he immediately takes out his phone and, out of boredom, enters TikTok and simply cannot stop watching funny videos.

yellow glasses meme

This Yellow Glasses Guy meme can be understood only by fans of video games. It often happens that you have not yet had time to go through the previous update, loot new locations and try out the added items, and suddenly a new update is introduced. But it's still good, isn't it?

yellow glasses guy meme

Do you feel like the guy in this meme? He looks very happy and ready for any adventure. Save yourself the Yellow Glasses Guy meme template and create a picture that is lifelike for you. Think of an interesting situation, perhaps related to your childhood or youth, and draw a parallel with adult life.

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