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Yorkshire Terrier Fought a Coyote in Order To Protect His 10-Year-Old Owner

Yorkshire Terrier Rescued a Ten-Year-Old Girl From an Angry Coyote Attack

In the Canadian city of Toronto, a dog rescued a ten-year-old owner from an angry coyote. Lily Kwan said that she was walking a six-year-old Yorkshire terrier when a coyote started chasing them. The girl ran and let the pet go off the leash but it didn't follow her back. The dog rushed into a fight with a wild animal. The confrontation between the Yorkie and the coyote got on the recording of a camera installed on a private house.

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The dog survived the fight but suffered multiple injuries from the wild animal's teeth. That's why the dog had to be left for several nights in a veterinary hospital, where he had about 40 stitches on the spine and paws. Now, it is being treated by a veterinarian. The Yorkshire Terrier is expected to fully recover from the incident soon. Now, the Kwan family is raising money for the pet's treatment.

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