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You Will Be Shocked by This Airbnb Rape Incident | The Company Paid a Victim $7 Million


Airbnb, a service for finding affordable accommodation in other cities and countries, has conquered the hearts of travelers around the world. However, recently, an investigation was carried out, and it turned out that one of the most popular and successful companies in the world pays millions of dollars to victims of a crime who stayed in a house or apartment so that they do not tell the media about it and do not sue.

In 2015, a group of friends stayed in an apartment in New York where they came for the New Year's trip. On the night of the celebration, a woman from the group left her friends at the restaurant and decided to go home. She did not immediately realize that she was not alone in the apartment. Suddenly a man appeared, put a knife to her throat, knocked her down on the bed, and then raped her. He also took her phone and disappeared, but the woman was able to contact her friends through the iPad, and they immediately came and called the police. The incident was immediately recognized by the Airbnb management, and the woman was offered to pay for medical expenses, and also taken home. Two years after the attack, the company paid the victim 7 million dollars in exchange for an agreement of silence. The name of the service was also missing from the court records.

As it turned out, Airbnb has a whole department whose employees are trying to resolve all incidents out of court. This is because, according to its concept, the idea of ​​the service is that a stranger can trust another stranger and, thus, interact with people whom he does not know at all. In addition, the company still does not have clear rules for transferring keys from the owner to the tenant, so the question remains unclear how many times that criminal visited apartments in New York.

The security department appeared in the company only after the first criminal incident happened. Then the tenants robbed the woman's apartment, taking out all the valuables. She was paid 1 million dollars. And in 2011, an owner in Barcelona gave alcohol to two women and then raped them. When the girls wanted to contact the police, the owner began to threaten them that in this case, he would post a video of their sex on the Internet. When his house was searched, the police found many similar records with other people. The owner received 12 years in prison, and the company paid the victims an undisclosed amount.

Although the company claims that only 0.1 percent of bookings end negatively, according to the investigation, they spend an average of 50 million dollars a year on conflict resolution and payments to guests and owners, including home damage.

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