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You Will Be so Amused to Know What We Have Found Out About Is This a Pigeon Meme

Hi, fellows! Today we have a hard question to answer. Please think very carefully before you say something. So, brace yourself. Is this a pigeon or butterfly? Before you answer, we offer to read our article about is that a bird meme. We collected all the necessary information for you and even more!

What we are talking about?

"Is this a pigeon?" — meme, founded on screencap from anime, where some confused guy mixes up the butterfly with the pigeon.

Do Androids Dream of Pigeons: Is This a Pigeon Meme Origin

Is This a Pigeon Meme Origin

Who is that dude and why he’s pointed at the butterfly but calls it a pigeon? He’s really supposed to make a mistake. The guy is an android named Katori Yutaro who’s pretending to be human. And, in fact, his tries not very successful. The robot mistakes tulips for violets and then asks if a butterfly is a pigeon.

The image actually is a screenshot from The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird. The Anime came out in 1991 and was sort of Japanese Transformers, but it didn’t become popular. So for the first time, Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird meme showed up in 2011 on Tumblr and was used by weebs (fans of anime and Japanese culture) like some kind of inside jokes. The phrase has sometimes been misunderstood by users and taken as a translation fail, which actually ruined the joke about it.

From 2011 to 2014 butterfly guy meme was occasionally posted on different websites in articles and compilations:

  • AnimeUltima.tv
  • Funny Pics
  • Smosh
  • BuzzFeed
  • TV Tropes and else.

Is This a Meme? 2018 Revival

In spring 2018 is this a pigeon picture transformed into the object-labeled meme (image macros where something labeled for fun) we all know now. It happened on Twitter. User romiosini posted butterfly guy meme but tagging the main elements on April 26th. Then Netflix did the same thing by making fun of how adult actors are playing teens in high school dramas. That post reached more than 40,000 likes and 9,400 retweets.

Soon, countless amount of variations is this a pigeon meme sprung up all over the internet. Most of all it spread on Twitter and Reddit.

Why Is It So Popular?

Is that a bird meme has its wonderful simplicity. The point of the joke is understandable and that’s why this meme such adaptable. We can choose any topic or thing to make fun of, and it will make the story recognizable for everyone and suit the mood of the picture. Do you want to make fun of your boss, who always trying to be cool by turning on the music of the 2000s at company parties? Okay, here meme for you. Oh, your copying mechanism is humor, and you want to make a new joke about how awful is your mornings sometimes? We get it. Let's apply pop-culture reference, or maybe you do want to ruin the whole algorithm of storytelling? That’s also what you can do.

Is this a Therapy?

One of the most popular topics used for is this bird meme was mental health issues. Vice broached this subject with a psychologist. The doctor assumed that memes became viral because they helped people talk about their feelings. It is much easier for them to make a fun picture about their experience than say it out loud. And moreover, this phenomenon not only lets people communicate without embarrassment but also makes others know they are not alone in struggles.

Anime Butterfly Meme: Female Edition

anime butterfly meme

In summer 2018 on Twitter appeared an image of an anime woman carrying pigeons, but somehow also mistakes the birds with a butterfly. And you know what? Of course, they ended up as a couple made by Internet shippers (people who support the relationship between fictional characters). Users have been calling them soulmates and making fan illustrations.

The scene with birds is a screencap from the anime You’re Under Arrest and the quote actually is false. But this fact didn’t bother fans, because they seem to be a really cute couple. Aren’t they?

There is also a theory that completely changes the way of connection between man and woman. The idea is that two characters aren’t soulmates, but different versions of one person. It is the meme guy who transitioned into a woman. They look really similar, so those words sound like something reasonable.

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