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What Is All Your Base Are Belong To Us Meaning? Find Out The Origin Of This Meme Below

Memes are an essential part of gaming culture. They laugh at them, they are shared on social networks, by which players recognize their own kind and join fandoms. Anything can be a meme: short funny phrases, pictures and even videos. Some memes go far beyond games, turning into viruses and even making their way into the headlines of news sites. People who laugh at the game meme All your base are belong to us sometimes have no idea where they came from. To remedy the situation, in this article we will tell you where this meme came from and what it means.

Zero Wing is a side-shoot arcade game in which players play the role of a lone hero who must save the universe from evil. You know, a typical Japanese game trail.

All Your Base Are Belong to Us Origin

all your base are belong to us meaning

When computers were big and we were small, in 1992 the Japanese translated the text of the usual computer game Zero Wing about robots and all kinds of crap into English and released it on Sega Mega Drive. The translation turned out to be incredibly funny. In 1998, a lot of people already knew what Zero Wing All your base meant. Two more years later, this flash drive blew everyone's brains out. Sloppy translation, fantastic themes and the pathos loved by geeks worked as usual.

All Your Base Are Belong to Us Meaning

zero wing all your base

Meme came from a hacky translation of the Japanese shooter Zero Wing from 1989. All the characters in the English version of the game spoke like Asian tourists, but the catchphrase of the main villain was especially remembered. Translated, it sounded something like this: "All your base are belong to us." Inspired players filmed a clip about Zero Wing Meme, in which the famous line can be seen in the most unexpected places: from cookies to the Hollywood Hills. All your base song from this video has spread across all social networks. The phrase about the captured bases sometimes makes fun of the broken English that is characteristic of the inhabitants of Asian countries.


In 1998, the Internet began to gain popularity in the GIF format - a scene from the intro to the game with translation. By the middle of 2000, this somebody set up us the bomb GIF was already quite recognizable. But the real popularity of the phrase was brought by animation in Macromedia Flash format from the author hiding under the nickname Bad_CRC. In this video, accompanied by a remix of the original melody from the game, the original intro from the game is shown first, and then numerous phrases "All your base are belong to us", depicted in the most unexpected places.

In a number of communities, the main phrase (Mem) is used in many variations:

MMORPG: All you STUFF are belong to me!

Systems Administration: All your files are belong to us!

Warcraft: All your workers are belong to us!

Software Testers: All your bugz are belong to us!

Interesting Facts

The phrase in all your base game was uttered by one of the minor characters of Futurama, the king of the planet Omicron-Persei 8, in a series where the Professor invented a machine that answered the question "what would have happened if ..." when answering Fry's question "what was if the world was like a computer game. "

Base can also be translated as cocaine. This refers to the base (base) of the alkaloid (which can be smoked), as opposed to salt. This is suggestive.

In the game "Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge" in the third mission for the Soviets, Yuri warns the player: "Soon all your base will belong to me."

In C&C: Generals, in the third mission for GLA, in the cutscene, among the phrases shouted by the rebels, you can hear "All your base are belong to us!"

Also, this phrase is likely to be present in one of the inter-mission videos Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. In any case, in the Red Alert Remix it is pronounced by the Japanese emperor.

This phrase was pronounced in the game Command & Conquer: Generals by Chinese infantrymen when capturing an enemy building.

In Battlefield 3, you can unlock as many as two tokens, each of which is half a phrase, and they are issued precisely for capturing bases.

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