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Zuckerberg and His Wife Are Sued for Sexual Harassment by the Employees

Zuckerberg and His Wife Are Sued for Sexual Harassment

Two people who worked in the Zuckerberg family before have filed lawsuits against the couple, as well as the companies running their family office. Mark and his wife were blamed for sexual harassment and discrimination.

The plaintiffs were an unnamed man who was listed as a household supervisor, and Mia King who worked for a company that provided security services to the couple.

The lawsuits allege that the couple's family businesses are also responsible for the non-payment of wages. In both lawsuits, Chan and Zuckerberg appear as defendants.

In her 29-page complaint, Afro-American King said she underwent numerous inappropriate remarks about her breasts. In his 35-page complaint, the man who is an open gay stated that he was in charge of managing various properties for the family. He insisted that he was working more than 40 hours a week and more than eight hours a day, for which he was never paid overtime.

In addition, a man with epilepsy had to complete tasks that were dangerous, such as climbing stairs or carrying large and heavy objects. In addition, he was sexually harassed.

The court has not named the date of hearings related to the case yet. In addition, the Facebook CEO hasn’t given an official answer.

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